H Co., Ltd. | Representative F
We have been working with HOT HOSYOU INC. for about 4 years. At first, we were unsure and uneasy what kind of company it was, but it provided speedy screening with high approval rates, along with through reports when dealing with non-payments. Now we are glad to have used it and are looking forward to working with them in the many years ahead.
S Co., Ltd. | Representative S
We are a regional management company. We are highly satisfied by the regular reports regarding non-payment and other issues from the representative staff. HOT HOSYOU INC. also provide suggestions for campaigns, etc., which makes us pleased that we have chosen it and are looking forward to working with them as one of our guarantor companies.
H Co., Ltd. | Representative Y
We are currently using the services of both HOT HOSYOU INC. and N Co., Ltd.HOT HOSYOU INC. is not only able to smoothly pick up cases who have had unsuccessful screening results from other companies, but its strongest merit is to their speedy screening process. It is troubling for both the management companies and the real estate companies in cases where the screening process is not only lengthy but also unsuccessful. Speed also plays a role in business so being able to provide a quick judgment is extremely helpful to both the management companies and the real estate companies.
K Co., Ltd. | Representative K
Our company is only using the service of HOT HOSYOU INC. Unless specified by the landlord, a guarantor company is required for our rental properties. Because of the high profitability, it is a great help to us as a newly launched real estate company as it is helping to contribute to increased sales.
S Co., Ltd. | Representative O
We are an old local real estate company in our region. The correspondence has been very flexible, and we have consulted them regarding a variety of matters many times. HOT HOSYOU INC. ’s screening judgement is quick, and we think it is good with corresponding to customers with nonpayment. We used to use another guarantor company, but we received many cases of complaints. This has never been the case with HOT HOSYOU INC., and their smooth negotiations have been helpful. We would like to use them as much as possible in the future.