For Real Estate Companies

What is a rent guarantee?

By guaranteeing the rent, HOT HOSYOU INC. can help owners and real estate agents feel more at ease when leasing out a room and allow tenants to rent the room more easily they want to live in. This is a system that helps give everyone involved in the rental contract more peace of mind.

Merits for Real Estate Companies

Applying is easy!!

You can apply using our unique and easy scheme, so you do not need to fill in any troublesome application forms.
We will narrow down the required documents to the minimum and the screening time will only take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Flexible screening is available!!

We can provide a high approval rate because of our original collection scheme.
We will respond flexibly to those who wish to move in when applying through a brokerage or management company.

Reduce collection work!!

Please leave the troublesome collection work to us.
From the standpoint of a payment consultant, we will provide extensive consulting, including investigation of the causes of non-payment, consultation with relatives and public institutions, and help to restore the payment status to normal.