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Foreigner Housing Guarantor & Support Service

We will support your life in Japan

At Hot Hosyou Inc, we will do our best to support the needs of foreigners in Japan. For those who are looking for a place to live in Japan, or for those who are considering moving, or even for those who have trouble in regards to real estate, no matter the region or nationality, please feel free to contact us at our international division. We can correspond in various languages such as English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Nepalese and Vietnamese.

  • support
    Multilingual support available
    As the office is equipped with international staff with knowledge of foreign languages and cultures, even with residents who are unable to speak Japanese, we can provide smooth communication between residents, owners, management companies and real estate agencies.
  • option
    With several convenient options available
    From the translating the lease contract, important matters manual, etc. to interpretation at the time of contract, you comfortably use the various options. Residents can also request interpretation and translation support which will also help improve tenant satisfaction.
  • shooting
    One month Follow up
    Because of language barriers and cultural differences, there may be problems after moving in such as not knowing how to separate the trash correctly or noise issues. However, Hot Hosyou has one month follow up policy where we will call up new residents to address these common issues in their native language to help the new residents in Japan.


3 Merits of HIS
  1. No problem even
    without a joint guarantor! 1

    • Screening possible with only emergency contacts
      When foreigners search for a joint guarantor in Japan, it is not an easy task. Even Japanese nationals find it difficult to ask someone who is not a relative to be their joint guarantor because of the high amount of trust needed between them. Not to mention it being difficult for someone from overseas where it is not common to have a guarantor to ask for a joint guarantor in Japan.
      At Hot Hosyou, generally we accept only having emergency contacts during the screening process. As nationality does not matter for emergency contacts, the application process can be carried out smoothly.
    • Applying from overseas
      There are many who start searching for apartments before they arrive in japan. However, we think the hurdle of the screening process before they arrive in Japan is quite high. For those situations, Hot Hosyou is also able to accept screening applications. We can provide a faster move-in reception compared to other companies.
  2. 2 Providing various support from
    moving in to moving out

    • Interpretation and translation when moving in
      Explanation of the contract details before moving in and translation of the contract documents are available.
    • Follow up after moving in
      We will announce a wide variety of etiquette and rules in Japan that residents should be aware of before moving into a rental house within one month after moving in.
    • Providing support to residents
      For applicants that find it difficult to speak Japanese or are unable to speak Japanese, to assist in getting used to living in Japan, we are also able to provide translation and interpretation services.
    • Assistance in troubles
      For residents that we have provided with a follow up call but may still have trouble regarding manners and rules while living in Japan, please contact us at Hot Hosyou. We can explain any queries in your native language.
    • Intermediary support services
      If there are any questions during the contract application process, if Hot Hosyou is contacted, we will contact the lessor or the management company in their stead. We are also able to help pass on simple messages along to the resident and or applicant afterwards.
    • Support services when moving out
      If there are difficulties understanding the moving out process, we can explain the moving out process in the resident’s native language. We can provide a smooth support for the settlement process and the cancelling of the contract.
  3. 3 SIM card and WiFi service

    • We also support foreigners who have arrived in Japan and need mobile phone and internet services such as SIM cards, pocket WiFi and other network services.
      You can easily apply with only a passport or residence card. After completing the online application, you can use it as soon as the next day. For those who does not have a bank account or a credit card, we also accept payment by convenience store (smartpit), WeChat and Alipay so you can sign the contract with confidence. In addition, we also offer multilingual support from the application to follow-up’s after contract.


Application Process
  1. Application

  2. Payment

  3. Collection

  4. Start of Use

  • Application
    Please apply by accessing the Web page from the QR code in the brochure or the URL. You can apply by simply entering the required information in the online application form and uploading your identity verification documents.
  • Payment
    The initial fee can be paid by credit card, convenience store payment (SmartPit), WeChat or Alipay, so please choose a payment method most convenient for you.

    *Initial fees include the Contract handling fee, the next month’s basic charge and other optional charge (Basic SMS messaging fees and Basic voice call charges.)
  • Collection
    Delivery to your place of stay in Japan is free of charge and can arrive as soon as the same day you submit your application.
  • Start of Use
    When your SIM card arrives, you can start using it after the initial startup settings after inserting it into your device.
    *Depending on the communication status, it may take from a few minutes to a few hours.
    *Setting instructions can be checked from the product packaging or the Website.

At「HOT International Support, we provide「JP SMART SIM」, a service aimed towards foreigners that delivers SIM cards as soon as the next day.

  • Voice call and internet connection are available immediately after application.
  • Bank accounts or credit cards are not required, contract is possible with just a passport.
  • Low monthly communication costs
  • Multilingual support

A variety of supports with many helpful features for foreigners available. Feel free to use the support service.


What is a Guarantor company?
A Guarantor company acts in the event that a rent payment is unpaid, the guarantor company will pay the unpaid amount to the owner or the realtor company that collects the rent. Because of that, the risk for both owners and for realtor companies is lowered. Because of that lowered risk, it is easier for residents apply for and rent a house or apartment.
What is a Guarantor?
A guarantor is a person who will pay the rent in the place of the resident in the event that the rent is not paid on time. Foreigners in Japan might find it difficult to find a guarantor. However with Hot Hosyou’s「Hot International Support」, we are able to solve that problem by being the guarantor for the resident.


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